Pastuso Classic Capitan

Capitan - Pisco Quebranta, sweet vermouth, dry with a complex flavour a classic Peruvian version of a Manhattan

21 Apr Pastuso Classic Capitan

El Capitán (the Captain) is one of the most common Pisco based cocktails you will find in Peru. The name, as the legend goes, is derived from military captains who rode on horseback in the altiplano near Puno and asked for a drink of pisco mixed with vermouth. Basically, the El Capitán is the Pisco version of a Manhattan.

Served 1

45 mls        Peruvian Pisco Quebranta

45 mls        Sweet vermouth

3  drops     Angostura bitters

1  drops     Orange bitters



  1. Add all ingredients in to a mixing glass full of ice and stir for 3 seconds.
  2. Transfer the liquid in to a martini glass.
  3. Garnish with an orange skin and a maraschino cherry.


By: Miguel Bellido

Bar Manager – Pastuso Restaurant and Pisco Bar