Pastuso Classic Pisco Sour

Pastuso Classic Pisco Sour

21 Apr Pastuso Classic Pisco Sour

Peruvian national cocktail, Pisco is a type of South American brandy. and the Pisco from Peru has a complex, earthy flavour and a heady floral perfume unlike those of any other spirit. Pisco Sour is the most popular way of consuming Pisco, and for decades it has been the signature drink of Peru.

Served 1

 45 mis Peruvian Pisco Don Benedicto Quebranta

45  mls Lime juice

45  mls Sugar syrup

15  mls Egg white



  1. Add all ingredients in to a blender and dry blend.
  2. Transfer the liquid in to a shaker filled up with ice and shake for a couple of minutes just to refresh the mix.
  3. Served in a short glass and garnish with one drop of Angustura Bitters.


By: Miguel Bellido

Bar Manager – Pastuso Restaurant and Pisco Bar