Peruvian Lunchtime @ Pastuso

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25 Jan Peruvian Lunchtime @ Pastuso

Pastuso is launching a new range of Peruvian buns exclusive for lunchtime, bringing the flavour of the streets of Lima, Peru with a new $16 lunch special. The menu features a range of tasty Peruvian style buns, all served up on an egg-yolk bread specially created in collaboration with Collingwood’s favourite bakery, Gontran Cherrier. Feast on the likes of;

Pan con chicharron with double-cooked pork, grilled sweet potato, pickled onions and fermented chilli sauce

Lomito with smoked beef rib, coriander and red cabbage slaw, lemon and black mint sauce

Pan con pollo with chicken marinated in dark beer and Peruvian spices, green cabbage slaw and spicy Peruvian pepper sauce

The fillings will change regularly. Available 7 days a week, 12-3pm, @ $16 each