A mega Peruvian feast takes over Pastuso this 29th of July

Carnaval, a celebration Peruvian culture and flavours.

03 Jul A mega Peruvian feast takes over Pastuso this 29th of July

Chef Alejandro Savaria and his award-winning kitchen team are serving up a modern Peruvian feast, showcasing the diversity of Peruvian cuisine, inspired by the art and culture of the coast, the Andean highlands and the Amazon jungle.

It’s a Peruvian Carnaval down on AC/DC lane, live Peruvian dances will set the mood for this unique celebration of Peruvian culture through flavors.

Feast on a six-course menu ($95) that will take your taste buds from the Peruvian coast to the heights of the Andes and the lush depths of the Amazon rainforest. Add matched wines (an extra $45) and your South American feast is complete.

The menu


Jalea real

Pan de Mar - Seaweed bread.

Ceviche Peruano mixto – Fish and seafood traditional ceviche.

Choros a la chalaca - Steamed mussels and salsa criolla

Chicharron de calamar – Peruvian style fried squid.


Anticuchos de Corazon - Beef heart skewers, grilled potato, spring onion and rocoto salsa.

Choclo Andino - Andean white corn, Andean cheese, and Huancaina sauce.


Aji de gallina – Peruvian style free range chicken in a creamy yellow pepper sauce.

Seco de Cordero – Slow cooked lamb shoulder, coriander and beer sauce.

Papa criolla – Native Andean potatoes, roasted garlic and fresh Peruvian black mint.

Arroz a la jardinera – Steamed white rice with vegetables


Biscochuelo borracho - Roasted banana dulce de leche, hazelnuts, cinnamon, and pisco.

Price Per-person

$95  6-course food menu only
$140  6-course food menu and wine matching

When: 29th of July lunch starts at 1:00 pm.

Booking:  info@pastuso.com.au / 9662 4558