Sweet Quinoa – A simple recipe to keep you warm this winter

Sweet of Quinoa

02 Jul Sweet Quinoa – A simple recipe to keep you warm this winter

This recipe goes beyond flavors, textures, aromas and ingredients…This recipe represent the cultural exchange between two rich countries in terms of history and of course, gastronomy. The foundations of this recipe are inspired in the conventional “Arroz con leche“(Rice Pudding), traditional dessert always present on every Spanish table before the conquest of Peru by the Spanish.

Quinoa has nourished the Andean communities for thousands of years, providing them with the amounts of protein and mineral required to live in such harsh environmental conditions. At the high altitude of the Andes, the air is thin, dry and cold and there is little oxygen. However, the locals thrive well thanks to Quinoa, the mother grain of the Andes.

In Chef Saravia’s recipe of Sweet of Quinoa, he has melted two cultures, replacing the traditional rice with Quinoa “the mother grain” but still using the original cooking technique for this recipe.

Ingredients: (serve 6)

Golden quinoa   500 gr.

Red quinoa                       100 gr.

Evaporate milk                3 cans

Condensed milk               1 can

Currants                            100 gr.

Dry shredded coconut    100 gr.

Cinnamon quilt                1 unit

Cloves                                 5 units

Orange skin                       2 segments


  • Place the evaporated milk, orange skins, cinnamon quilts  in a pot and bring it to simmer.
  • Once the evaporated milk is simmering add both quinoas, turn the heat to medium to low and cooked for 15 minutes or until the quinoa is cooked so as to be still firm when bitten.
  • Add the condensed milk, the dry shredded coconut and currants.
  • Mix well all the ingredients and cook for 5 minutes at a low heat.
  • Served with fresh winter berries or sliced mango.